Hello there!  Our world certainly appears uncertain and a little interesting right now while we are beginning to emerge from quarantine especially for kids. They miss their friends, social activities, and are adapting to doing school at home.  According to UNESCO, there are over 1.5 billion students now doing school work at home worldwide.

Change is tough!  We are all trying to do our best while keeping ourselves and others safe from the spread of the coronavirus.  Change is unavoidable but the GOOD NEWS is that we have the power to CHOOSE how we respond.


New situations push us out of our comfort zone giving us opportunities to learn, experience new things, and develop resilience. How we respond to events directly impacts how we feel and what we create for ourselves. Sometimes kids will feel anxiety or fear when experiencing something new or when routines are changed. 

But these feelings can be managed when they learn how powerful their minds are.


At Wisdom Tree Kids, we use a proven curriculum and method to help your child learn how to take personal responsibility to positively transform their own lives through heart and mindset development.  When kids learn that when their heart and mind work together they can experience a positive transformation in their thinking and being.

All sessions and/or workshops are held LIVE on Zoom.  

Customized coaching is recommended for teens ages 12-17 and emerging adults ages 18-21. 


Customized coaching sessions for parents are also available. 

If your child or teen is not open to coaching (sometimes this happens) our services are open to parents willing to take a conscious parenting approach to help their child through a rough spot.  

Wyatt, the wise wizard appears in all the stories!


Why do parents hire a personal success coach

for their child?

Life coaching is all about supporting parents with children who are experiencing challenges with daily coping skills, self-confidence, making good decisions, overcoming mistakes, dealing with bullies, and so much more.

It's mindset development - it targets the root of thought patterns that hold kids back.  coaching empowers kids with a specific set of skills (and wisdom) that they can use throughout their childhood, teen years, and for the rest of their lives.

Kids don't have to experience struggles to benefit from life coaching! all lessons are designed to help them become more aware of the power within. Kids learn that they can take positive action towards their own successes.   

customized One-on-one sessions are recommended and are especially helpful when coupled with any therapy.

What parents and kids are saying:

"My daughter learned so much about self-coaching and staying in control of her thoughts and emotions by working with Caroline." Mom of a 10-year-old girl

"I think these sessions have made a difference in my daily life and with my school work.  It has helped me face problems that I encountered with my friends and to resolve these problems. I love going to these sessions.  I am now able to "power shift". I learned how my brain works and how to control my thoughts and actions.  Remember, whatever you think of yourself, it's true!" 

10-Year-Old boy

"I am enjoying these sessions because it teaches me how to be positive and I know I don't want to be in my "comfort zone". I only want to be in my "dream" zone". 5-Year-Old girl

She is able to better manage her stress, anxiety, change, and outlook.  She verbally communicates to peers better about how she feels.  She uses relaxing tips, visualizes a positive outcome, and does it in a less emotional way."  Mom of 8-year-old girl

"He has learned how to be more confident, he isn't as "reactionary" to situations as he used to be, he seems to be interacting with classmates better and is overall happier."  Mom of 11-year=old boy

WTK Can Help Your Child Overcome Specific Challenges With:

  • Respect

  • Peer Pressure

  • Making Good Decisions

  • Integrity

  • Negative Self-Talk

  • Recovering From Mistakes or Failures

  • Difficulty Managing Change

  • Self-Doubt

  • Anger

  • Self-Esteem

  • Self-Confidence

  • Lying or Sneaking

  • Comparing Themselves to Others

  • Bullying Others

  • Victim Thinking

  • Fear

  • Easily Influenced by Peers

  • Drifting or Lack of Direction

  • Responsibility

Love the World

Customized individual sessions are available for kids, teens, and emerging adults using

Online ZOOM sessions for clients in the U.S. or anywhere in the world in all time zones.

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine mandate, all in-person individual and group coaching sessions will be held online via Zoom indefinitely.  Expanded hours are available to meet the needs of families residing in all time zones anywhere in the planet.


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