Passionate About Inspiring Kids

Hello!  Caroline here!  I am a wife and a mom to two wonderful girls and I am also a Certified Adventures in Wisdom™ Life Coach for kids, a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, and a Certified Professional Life Coach.  I am a firm believer in helping kids discover their own personal tools to be successful in navigating everyday situations and even how to achieve their goals and dreams.


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I have had the incredible privilege of working with kids for the past 23 years in a variety of capacities while teaching and running children's and youth organizations in a church setting and I currently oversee a large children's ministry.  I've have had the pleasure of running a homeschool co-op for four years where moms are encouraged to teach classes and lead activities to complement learning at home. I currently teach home-educated teens in a learning lab called, Just Imagine, where they have ample opportunities to practice leadership skills while working in groups, learn about entrepreneurship and personal development, and learn about career opportunities. I also host an Annual Youth Entrepreneur Marketplace where kids ages 8 to 18 self-create a product or service and practice being a business owner for a one-day marketplace.


I love to travel to gain and experience new perspectives about life and living on this planet.  I've visited the Netherlands, France, Indonesia, Bali, and road-tripped across the U.S. twice.  My recent visit to Helsinki, Finland was to study their teaching methods and have the opportunity to meet with students, teachers, and administrators in the classrooms to understand why Finland has consistently scored very high on the PISA Testing (Programme for International Student Assessment).  On the same trip, I visited Vyborg and St. Petersburg, Russia, and met with homeschooling families to understand their challenges and triumphs while educating their children at home. 


My Finland and Russia trips helped me understand that while there are a variety of teaching methods in different parts of the world there is one common goal and that is to help kids reach their true potential. Witnessing the parents' and teachers' passion for teaching kids and the care they displayed to do this important work plucked at my heartstrings and inspired me to do something more in my own area of influence. 


With Wisdom Tree Kids, I am able to take all of my experiences with working with children and focus on teaching personal development, which is my passion.  Personal development for kids will enhance their educational experience and their lives. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all children had the opportunity to learn skills early in life to be resilient, kind, courageous, and believe in their own abilities?  Kids who have developed their inner compass will have an incredibly positive impact on themselves and the people around them. 


Kids and teens are our future, so let's invest in our future by investing in them.  They are worth every effort because the world can be a tough place but it's a person's positive mindset that makes living in a world of contrasts so much more manageable.  True happiness comes from within.


I hope to be a help to parents or even grandparents help their kids or grandkids discover the power of their minds and thoughts to build a solid foundation for a great life now and in the future. 


Contact me if you have any questions or want to schedule a complimentary consultation, I will be happy to help you help your child.


I will be delighted to be of service to you and your family!